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Coconut Oil benefits

Coconut is a very versatile oil. It can be used on your face, skin, in cooking and you can add it to smoothies and you can even disolve a teaspoon of Coconut oil in your mouth to get the benefits.

Lets see what the benefits of coconut oil are:

  • Improving heart health by increasing the HDL cholesterol levels in your body. That is the good cholesterol that improves heart health.
  • Improving weight loss by burning fat - abdominal obesity
  • Increasing metabolic rate, takes off stress on the pancreas. Burns more energy and helping obese people to loose weight.
  • Promotes healthy function of thyroid and endocrine system.
  • Has anti bacterial properties.
  • Has healthy fats that improve brain function.
  • Combats yeast infections.
  • Excellent hair care and skin care product
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves immunity.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil is a solution for damaged hair.
  • Dandruf free scalp when you massage coconut oil on your scalp.

So you can have coconut oil in your kitchen cupboard as well as in your bathroom. Try it!!